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Push Time

It’s the freaking weekend! I should be somewhat relaxed, but I’ve got a million things to do on my do list in the back of my mind that I never seem to  catch up with. Like most people I do…


Sometimes We Need Change!

  It’s been a good while! I’ve made a few changes as we’ve come into the new year.. That’s kinda whats been on my mind lately. I’ve always said talk is cheap, I’m more of a doer, a go getter,…


KCMO Talk Radio

    The millennials…the most talked about generation probably. We’re judged, misunderstood and frowned up. Are we tough enough to make it out in the world? Heck yes we are! This is the thing, we’re living in a time where…


If you are, where I am

  When I think about where I am at in life some days I feel disappointed other days I feel really proud, depends on my mood and what I’m thinking about. I never pictured my life the way it has…