The celebrated author, with Global Summit House, published a book called Love Notes by Twinkle Zaman. With all its standout qualities, the book is going to be a readers’ choice soon. 

USA (October 11, 2021) – As the author, Twinkle Zaman, publishes one of its masterpieces called Love Notes, the publishing house Global Summit House appreciates this move. The authorities need wit and talent to publish a book on such a deep underlined theme of self-discovery. With all its salient features, the book is on the verge of becoming a best seller. 

The major features of the book include its engaging tone of writing. Along with the best quality writing style, the book comprises grave thoughts on life. The introduction of the book largely focuses on diverse aspects of life. Although it is not yet published on platforms like Amazon, it has already proved itself to be a masterpiece. The publication house has announced that they are extremely delighted to publish such an exclusive book.

In the book, different poems depict the diverse aspects of love and life. The book’s name is enough to remind the readers about the romantic moments of life when we send love notes. Decades ago, it was through handwritten letters. Now, it is digital. No matter whatever the way is, love notes are always special. So, being a writer who understands her readers by heart, Twinkle depicts those beautiful moments through the verses.

As the title “Love Notes- Single Hearts Affairs” suggests, the book tells the stories of the heart of every individual. The lines are flooded with human emotion. The very beginning of the book includes a line with deep meaning- “ Believe – Accept Something as True; Feel sure of the truth of.” With this line, the writer tries to depict how belief is important in life. Before beginning the main course, the writer came up with a starter in this book. It is titled “Woman Within.” Here, the writer describes how a woman should feel about herself from the inside. 

The book continues with different poems. The verses are interesting to read with such amazing thoughts put into them. One of the poems is titled “Identity,” which tells about how often we as human beings tend to lose ourselves. We all need to discover ourselves at some point of time in life. Another poem called “Skin, heart, & Bones” describes the very fact of self-love. The book continues with many such amazing write-ups. However, the book is also appreciated for its style of writing. 

The author knows well how to hit the readers at heart. The book takes you through a woman’s struggles in today’s world, not only with her love affairs but her affairs with her own heart, mind, body, and soul. The book is about female empowerment, finding our voice, dealing with our heartaches, and putting our desires out into the universe.

The author’s favorite quote from the book,

“What if you can have it all. Why do we believe as women it’s one or the other who made us believe we should settle for less than we deserve.”

As we get older and face the realities of life we tend to give up on “the fairytale”. We are told we have to settle, we have to put aside our desires and think of what will benefit our future. In the journey of all this chaos so many of us lose sight of the magic, the passion and the lust for life. I live my life in a way if I can just hold onto an ounce of that I will. Life is hard. It’s nice to feel a little passion and magic every now and then.  
-Twinkle Zaman


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