‘Love Notes’ Receives Starred Review

” Love sick? Perhaps. Overly sensitive? Absolutely.”

Author and poet Twinkle Zaman has assembled a third collection of her poetry in Love Notes. Candidly unabashed in her revealing her inner most thoughts of what a relationship with a man means to her, this collection will expose to readers the honest and deeply rooted feelings of this woman, who has matured to a sensitive point in which confidence and wisdom is now clear in her mind. It is a treasure of thoughts and emotions which will be a guiding lighthouse to all readers, especially young adult women seeking answers to questions they yet do not know to ask.

Interleaved with an occasional selfie in black-and-white of the author, and with a varied use of typestyles in a spaciously laid-out galley text, paging through Love Notes is truly a wonderful experience. Her poetry is short and to-the-point, offering elements of her opening her own heart and mind, expanding on her values and virtues of what she desires and who she really is. After all, this is what followers of Twinkle want to read; poetic thoughts to gain insight by her influence and share the strength she has in her convictions. Similar to a succession of Tweets, her poems open up her feelings for others to live vicariously through; by sharing her experiences, setting the same goals for themselves at the strata of Twinkle’s expectations, and yearn for the same total involvement of a soul-mate to bring together all that they are in the making of an epic love for life.

Love sick? Perhaps. Overly sensitive? Absolutely. But those are good things in the genre of poetry, making Love Notes an excellent revelation of the heart and mind of a beautiful woman; a jewel of a creation for some lucky man to be engulfed within her juxtaposed simple yet complex being. A signpost for others seeking fulfillment of their cavernous hearts; setting goals and guidelines for their own futures.

Love Notes is an excellent gift for any young adult, or for yourself to sense the pleasures gained by becoming half of the equation of a couple. To give and to receive, Love Notes will reveal new thoughts to all and is a book not to be missed. It will make readers instant fans of this young, talented author and poet, and anxious to see what’s next on the horizon for followers of the love life of Twinkle.

Title: Love Notes
Author: Twinkle Zaman
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 171
Reviewed by: Beth Adams


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