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I think it’s been a while since I have actually done a blog post! The past few months I have continued to promote “Twenty Something” from doing book signings to a couple of TV appearance interviews.  With each signing or each interview I do, I feel so lucky, but then I do have to remind myself it’s not luck. I’ve been working away trying to chase this crazy dream of mine forever now. There’s been moments when I feel on top of the world then moments when I question every step I take. I have to remind myself that’s natural no matter whatever it is you’re doing in life to experience the highs, lows, good and bad. I truly believe that’s part of the journey and what makes each of our stories special and worth it.

As part of being a ‘writer” my biggest struggle was always being fearful of what people will think of what I have to say. Not strangers but my family and friends. People who know ‘Twinkle’ as just their daughter, sister, or friend. It’s something I have struggled hard with, poetry is so personal and definitely vulnerable. That’s exactly what I love about it, to be able to express myself through words in my own creative way. Now that it has been a couple years I’ve been doing this I don’t hide away. I am proud of my work, my feelings and all of my stories I have to tell. It’s all valid!

Currently as far as upcoming projects go…I’m scattered and all over the place. I have a few different things I’m working on. I never like to say what I’m actually doing and what I’m not because with things like this you never know what will go through and what won’t. It’s basically a way I protect my own heart from being hurt. I always try to have a positive outlook because that’s what gets me through my days. So with that being said I’m exited more then EVER to be able to share a different side of me, new stories, new adventures and challenge myself more then I ever have before.

I’m going to sign off by saying something a stranger told me yesterday though I know this the reminder is always good “chase that dream, your not going to fail! You will fail if you’re 60 years old and wondering what if I had done that where would life take you”. I hope whoever you are, wherever you are…chase your dreams and believe in YOURSELF.



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