Sometimes We Need Change!


It’s been a good while! I’ve made a few changes as we’ve come into the new year..

That’s kinda whats been on my mind lately. I’ve always said talk is cheap, I’m more of a doer, a go getter, action taker. I’ve always been this way since I could remember. Little by little I’m making the changes I need to make in order to be successful (my definition of success)

I needed a job change, I went and got that new job. It’s different, definitely not where I see myself in 10 years but hey money is money and it’ll do for now. With this new job it’s given me a lot of time to think and focus on my writing which I been doing a lot of lately as well. It’s also made me realize who  I am at work isn’t me at all!!! I’m  the kind of girl who would go into a coffee shop 3-4 times a week to get coffee on the go or just to sit in and write and catch up on emails and ect.. With this new job coffee is free and unlimited so I no longer have to make coffee shop stops. Last Saturday I walked into a coffee shop for the first time in about month, took a deep breath and smelled the fresh coffee and the warm cozy feeling which I have missed oh so much! It brought back a sense of comfort which I have missed. Here’s what I’m learning…of course your first real job isn’t going to be your dream job, do it anyway, keep  grinding til you work up to your dreams. The person I dress like and and act like at work ( I don’t know her, but I know she needs money and health insurance) so shes doing what shes gotta do to get where she wants to be!

Some days it feels like I’m losing my youth too fast. People ask me often now if I’m married or have children…uhhh no, but also that’s a chapter now that I’m exited for (whenever that is).

The alarm clock won’t stop going off, but I’m learning to embrace it, paint my face a little and smile at strangers more often. Change is good.. as human beings we should always be evolving!


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