If you are, where I am


When I think about where I am at in life some days I feel disappointed other days I feel really proud, depends on my mood and what I’m thinking about. I never pictured my life the way it has turned out that’s for sure…not saying that in a bad way at all!

I think I’m at where a lot of people my age are. Being 22 almost 23 isn’t easy these days. We’re adults expected to take care and fund ourselves (therefor maintainingĀ a regular job), society frowns upon you if you aren’t getting a college degree and on top of that I don’t know about y’alls parents but mine are already onto the marriage and settling down (uhhh I think I need a guy first..). It’s hard most days I feel so disconnected and far from the world.

I’ve come to this realization the more and more I think about this. When your this age you have two choices you can do what people want you to do, go get that degree (you may never use), get married, and have kids. Or if you have a dream and actually believe in yourself you can chase that. That’s where its conflicting because a dream is just a dream til it becomes a reality. The hard work you put in will be what you get out of it is what they say, but that’s not always the case you could grind your whole life and never get there.

Sometimes I think it would be easy to take the safe route, but at the end of the day what is really guaranteed? All I know is I will not be happy if I don’t give a shot at the things my heart desires. That’s really hard for some people in my life to understand.

When I was a little girl I had a whole another vision about life then I do now a days. It’s okay to not know where your going, to feel confused, to feel like if we’re not where our peers are that we areĀ behind. All of that is natural but I keep reminding myself I’m only 22, as long as I work hard everyday, give it all I’ve got and keep my faith…I’ll be okay.

The future being unpredictable is pretty scary, we all have different hopes and dreams. The challenge will keep us alive and make us stronger. Trusting God to take us on the path we’re supposed to be on is what it’s all about!


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